About Asia

Vibrant colours, delicious smells and idyllic islands are just a very small collection of the gifts that Asia has to offer. Think of Asia and think of images of saffron-robed Buddhist monks, golden temples and glorious adventures.

For culture seekers everywhere, dive into the wonders that India and Bhutan have to offer, or for a truly magical experience consider Cambodia or Vietnam for a completely unique experience. Wherever you are in Asia you will find you are greeted and respected by welcoming locals, willing to go the extra mile to submerse you in Asian life, offering a once in a lifetime involvement. As well as a wonderful welcoming from the locals, visit the rich array of Asian wildlife in their natural habitat. Whether you want to roam the rainforests, gaze at the marine life or feel the glistening sun sparkle over your skin as it rises over a volcano, Asia offers opportunities that can turn these wishes into a reality.

Be inspired by the beautiful and diverse surroundings, cuisines and atmospheres of Asia, with amazing hotels and plentiful experiences to add to your memory boxes.

Destinations in Asia

Travel Information

Flying Time: 13 hours

GMT +3 hours in the west
GMT +12 hours in the east

Medical Information

We can provide general information about any health formalities required for your trip but you should check with your own doctor for your specific circumstances. Up-to-date travel advice can be obtained from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

Climate Information

Depending on what part of Asia you visit you will be able to find either a warm to hot climate or very cold temperatures. In Southern parts of Asia the continent is hot but if you travel to parts of north east you will find that places such as Siberia are very cold.

Leisure & Activities

Walk the Great wall of China
Once of the greatest experiences in the world : walking the Great wall of China. Visit a slice of history previously fortifying the Chinese border, built over 2,000 years ago.

Get up close to the wildlife of Asia
Spot orang utans swinging from vines and elephants grazing the vast spaces of Asia - a magically experience that will make you feel alive.

Tastes the aromatic flavours
Asia has some of the most dynamic and unique flavours and cuisines in the world. Taste spicy Thai curries in india or fresh sushi in Japan for eastern favourite flavours.