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Situated on the slopes of the Himalayas, Bhutan is a stunningly beautiful country with plenty of opportunities for the more adventurous.

From wildlife to mountain trekking, you will certainly experience a warm welcome to this interesting country. You may be able to spot a tiger or black bear in one of the national parks or trek to the dizzy heights of the world famous Taktsung Palphug Monastery.

Travel Information

Time Difference: GMT +6 hours

Currency: Bhutanese Ngultrum

Climate Information

Bhutan has a variable climate depending on altitude and the monsoons. There is a hot sub-tropical climate in the south of the country which is almost constant throughout the year. Temperatures in the south range from 15 degrees Celsius in winter (December to February), to 30 degrees in summer (June to August). In the mountainous north, it is cool with snow on the high peaks across the year. The monsoon season runs from July to September.

Leisure & Activities

Paro Valley
For the more adventurous, a trip through the beautiful Paro Valley is worth consideration. You can travel by car or take one of the many treks organised locally. It’s the land of the elephant and tiger, so be prepared to be amazed.

Tigers Nest Monastery
Taktsung Palphug Monastery, or Tigers Nest Monastery as its also known, is probably the most photographed site in Bhutan. Clinging to the side of a cliff face, 900 metres above the Paro Valley, the monastery can be reached via an 8 Km hike up a steep rocky track. First built in 1692, it’s a sacred destination for Buddhist monks with stunning views across the valley, and perfect peace and tranquillity.

Bhutan Wildlife
Situated on the slopes of the Himalayas, Bhutan is a haven for wildlife. There are several national parks, including the most well know Jigme Dorji National Park. It’s home to many different wildlife, such as snow leopards, Bengal tigers, Himalayan black bear and black musk deer as well as over 300 species of bird.

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