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Sacramento is the capital city of California and is the star on the map not only will you find cultural attractions , cutting edge cuisine to impress at every corner lots of history and surprises that will put a smile on your face .

Venture out of the capital in any direction and you will discover why locals say “California Begins here”.  Sacramento county is part of a 400 mile long central valley and home to more than 2.5 million people. With a mild climate outdoor living is part of the local lifestyle. Sacramento County has diverse landscapes including San Joaquin River the Navada foothills and its southern most point has direct access to San Fransisco Bay.

One of the most liveable cities in America Sacramento has a great deal to offer. In my opinion one of the things that puts it on the map is its farm to fork movement. Whether you choose to dine in high end restaurants or from one of the food trucks that are part of Sacramento’s food scene you can be sure you will be eating something that has been locally sourced. Being able to read a menu and see the farm that the produce came from is part of the culture here.

Why not visit the California State Capitol building for a guided tour today it is the vibrant centre of California lawmaking and a museum that offers an historical insight into the events and people that shaped California.

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