Antigua - a different beach for every day of the year!

Antigua - a different beach for every day of the year!

Famous for its beaches and its cricket players, tiny Antigua is now one of the Caribbean's most popular destination_blogs. After the British settled the island in the 1600s, for centuries it was known mostly for the production of sugar and rum and as tourism has slowly taken over, all around Antigua you can see the tall brick chimneys of over a hundred deserted sugar mills which bear witness to that long gone colonial era. These days, some fabulous hotels and restaurants have sprung up around the coastline, there's a different beach for every day of the year and you can hire a car or take a boat or catamaran cruise and enjoy scuba-diving and snorkelling trips to the island's fabulous coral reefs. When it comes to deciding on the kind of hotel you prefer, I can suggest some fantastic Hotels ranging from luxury 5* down to charming smaller hotels by the beach. All you need to do is decide if you would prefer All inclusive, Half Board or Bed and Breakfast meals options...!

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