South America

About South America

A wondrously diverse part of the world with stunning scenery, rain forests and expansive stretches of virgin beaches.

Brazil borders almost every country in South America and is only slightly smaller than the United States. Spectacular beaches, natural wonders and samba rhythms...Brazil never fails to charm and delight its visitors.

Machu Picchu is certainly on most traveller’s bucket list and it offers one of the best-preserved Inca cities in the world.

Much of the continent is still untouched by development, so you can find out-of-the-way places to discover. It also has a very diverse culture with many indigenous tribes still carrying on with their day to day traditions.

Destinations in South America

Travel Information

Flying Time: 10 - 13 hours

Time Difference: GMT -3 to -5 hours

Medical Information

We can provide general information about any health formalities required for your trip but you should check with your own doctor for your specific circumstances. Up-to-date travel advice can be obtained from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

Climate Information

The majority of South America experiences a tropical climate, but with such a large land mass, temperatures and rainfall can vary hugely from place to place.

Temperatures can reach more than 38 degrees Celsius.

Rainfall in the Amazon basin can be measured in feet rather than inches!

Leisure & Activities

Machu Picchu
Situated in the high Andes in Peru, the ancient city of Mach Picchu was only discovered in 1911, making it one of the best-preserved Incan cities in the world. Made up of over 100 constructions, including houses, temples and sanctuaries, it can be reached from nearby Cusco by train. For the more adventurous, you can take an organised hike with one of the many local travel services. At 8000 feet, altitude sickness can be an issue for some people.

Galapagos Islands
Probably Ecuador’s’ most visited and famous destination, the Galapagos Islands consist of 13 main islands, 6 small islands and about 107 rocky islets. This UNESCO World Heritage site attracts visitors from all over the globe, who can experience the wonders of plant and animal life indigenous to this part of the world. There are also endless stretches of pristine beaches offering fantastic snorkelling and diving opportunities.

South America has some of the best beaches on the planet, some with mile after mile of empty white sands. If a relaxing beach holiday for you, head for Brazil, Uruguay or Argentina where the beaches are world famous for their quality and facilities. Some of the best include Copacabana and Ipanema in Brazil and Punta del Este in Uruguay.