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Argentina covers a vast area and it offers visitors a fantastic array of sight seeing opportunities.

From the heat of the northern areas down to the Antarctic coolness, Argentina has something for everyone. Argentinian wine is becoming more and more popular and there are plenty of opportunities to take a tour of one of the many vineyards.

For something more adventurous, try hiking to the Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian border or visit the capital city of Buenos Aires with its imposing 19th century buildings.

Travel Information

Time Difference: GMT -3 hours

Currency: Argentine Peso

Climate Information

Argentina has generally a temperate climate, but there are variations due to its sheer size.

The northern areas experience high temperatures, whereas, in the south, there is a sub Antarctic cold stream.

June and July are the coldest months and January is the warmest.

Leisure & Activities

Iguazu Falls
Situated on the border between Argentina and Brazil, the Iguazu Falls form part of the largest waterfalls system in the world. It consists of more than 270 waterfalls extending for one and a half miles through stunning lush forest. On the Argentinian side there are many trails that can be taken to reach the awe-inspiring Devil’s Throat Falls where there is a sensational view looking down at the Iguazu River, 80m below.

Punta Tombo
This is certainly something different to see! At Punta Tombo National Reserve you can witness the incredible sight of thousands of Megallanic Penguins as they come here to breed every year between September and March. Organised tours of the area can be organised through local agents.

Wine Tasting in Mendoza
Argentina’s largest and most important wine region, Mendoza, produces almost 70% of the countries wine. Wine tasting is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, and it’s easy to see why, with more than 1000 bodegas (wineries) to choose from. The area is certainly geared up for visitors with plenty of luxury spa hotels and restaurants serving exquisite food.

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