Necker Island... Pure luxury with a friendly touch!

Necker Island... Pure luxury with a friendly touch!

If you managed to catch up with any TV on Tuesday evening (6th Jan) you may have stumbled across the BBC programme which was all about Richard Branson's private hideaway in the British Virgin islands - Necker Island. This luxury hideaway offers just about every comfort you could imagine but with a 'friendly' twist which somehow demonstrates whilst money can buy most things money really isn't the most important thing in life. This idyllic Caribbean jewel is a perfect place to 'get away from it all' and find yourself. Whilst on the island you may well run into the owner himself who takes a very hand on approach when it comes to ensuring his guests enjoy their stay to it's fullest potential. You could enjoy a massage overlooking the twinkling, blue Caribbean sea, kayak over to neighbouring Mosquito Island where cocktails will be ready and awaiting your arrival. Dress up at a 70's theme fancy dress evening, enjoy a BBQ or maybe some sushi in the swimming pool. The team at Necker are 'firm fans' of creating wonderful memories and it would be hard to imagine anyone not enjoying their stay - from fine cuisine to party planning par extraordinaire.....  Even the local dolphins seemed keen to share all this amazing place has to offer! You don't have to 'rent' the whole island....but you could if you wanted to - be it for friends, family or a company retreat (or perhaps just treat!). There again you could choose to book a room and enjoy everything that this friendly, chic and luxurious island has to offer. What are you waiting for, call us now for a great quote and availability!

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