Heritage Awali - Day 6 | Designer Travel

Today is Independence Day here in Mauritius…

Originally ‘owned’ by the Dutch, taken over by the French, and ‘claimed’ by Britain in 1810, this wonderful country gained independence from us in 1986, and became a republic in 1992. This history has helped to make it the multi lingual, multi cultural and harmonious place it is today.

The celebrations at the Awali were low key…there was a discreet flag raising ceremony, which I missed, but we were able to enjoy a wonderful Mauritian buffet planned for dinner. We were also treated to a celebration by a great group of Mauritian dancers and musicians….so a good time was had by all….

Mauritius is a land of colour…many rare plants and flowers flourish here. It’s flag, consisting of four bold horizontal stripes of red, blue, yellow and green are said to represent its Independence, the Indian Ocean, a bright future and the lush vegetation respectively.

The rains are subsiding at last, and we are starting to see this resort in all it’s immaculate glory…not that it hasn’t been beautiful throughout our stay…the staff have worked tirelessly to keep everything going…but now the lovely cushions are out on the chairs, and the residue of mud can be washed from the pathways, and the gardens repaired etc it is shining ‘like a new pin.’ Our day has been lazy, wandering around, chatting, reading, sleeping, relaxing…perfect!

My picture today is of the wonderful floral display which sits at the end of a corridor, surprisingly not in the ‘main thoroughfare’ and quietly reflects the beauty of this place….and I love it!

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