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Although Aruba is part of the ABC Islands it is completely different to the Island of Curacao. Aruba is very arrid and has a constant breeze throughout the year which has caused all of it’s trees to grow with a slant, Aruba has year round temperatures consistent with the Caribbean of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whilst in Aruba there are lots of wonderful things to enjoy. Why not take a 4×4 off roading experience in the national park and visit the ancient bat caves that have been carved out in the rocks over hundreds of years by the sea. Also on the northern side of the Island within the national park are the unique natural pools. Where you can bathe and snorkel in an area of outstanding natural beauty surrounded by a huge variety of fish or why not be a little bit more daring and jump in off one of the natural platforms.

Why not take a trip to Baby Beach and appreciate turquoise blue shallow waters to take a dip in. Even those of us who don’t usually venture into the sea are tempted in this bay.


For those of us who like to walk and climb there is an opportunity to challenge yourself by climbing the Haystack the mountain in the middle of the Island. Alternatively or if you feel a little less adventurous there are a couple of ancient rock formations you can climb to get great panoramic views of the Island.

If everything I have spoken about so far sounds a little energetic then shopping might be the answer for you. Why not take a trip to the wonderfully colourful shopping centre the shops look like multi tiered wedding cakes with lots of wonderful souvenirs to choose from. Would you rather have designer goods? You will not be disappointed as there is a full array of designer shops for both goods and jewellery so you can spoil yourself to your hearts content or get someone else to do it for you.


To sum up whatever you want from your holiday Aruba will not disappoint.

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