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About Me

Hello! My name’s Jodie and I’m addicted to travel.

I’ve backpacked round the world, been on an endless amount of holidays (from long haul, skiing, camping and staycations), my husband proposed in Hydra, Greece, (where we also got married), we honeymooned in a very untraditional way by travelling for 3-weeks across South America, we babymoon’d in Croatia and took our now 5 year old son to Bali last year.  We were supposed to be travelling round the world this year but COVID-19 had other ideas…

But that brings me to why I’ve joined the Designer Travel team – I used to work for a Global Money Transfer company; moving money round the world for 16 years, but I wanted to commit to my lifelong passion of moving people around the world instead.  If I haven’t been there I am most likely already researching where to go!

My professional background is 16+ years in relationship/account management – I put my customers first and work very hard to do so. I’m dedicated, driven and extremely passionate about listening and delivering what’s right for you.

I’m excited to hear what your travel plans are and how together we can make those memories happen! Please contact me using the details to your below/to your right – I look forward to hearing from you.


My Testimonials

Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jodie
Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jodie
Posted On:  26/04/2021

We usually book our own holidays, wasting endless hours on the internet, trawling loads of sites trying to compare ! We wanted to book a skiing holiday, but we always have a list as long as your arm of likes and dislikes which I thought might be a pain! Not...