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…And so after the epic lunch at the C Beach Club, and with the sun now fully out and hot, we came back to the Awali in search of sun beds! There are plenty enough to go round, but so many were ‘occupied’ by random towels!…probably in the main abandoned, but you can never be sure!…isn’t it a pain!… Anyway we are pleased to report that we found two ‘naked’ ones in the end!…by one of the lovely pools, on which we could relax….that was until Clive started doing some bizarre newspaper puzzle and we got into an intense discussion about the value of a ‘minus number’ when subtracted from another ‘minus number’…I’m sure I remember ‘two minuses making a plus’…but was that in multiplication or addition?!….

Anyway back to blogging about the Awali….tonight we dined at one of the a la carte restaurants…Infinity Blue. It’s right on the seafront, and is beautifully lit. It offers an extensive menu, particularly seafood and Mauritian delicacies…and it was very yummy! All the restaurants at the Awali have an evening dress code, mainly for the gents…long trousers, collared shirt, ‘closed shoes’…everyone seems happy to comply….and some would say it adds to the specialness of the dining experience.

Too tired to bother to check out the entertainment tonight….and we need to get up early to grab our sun beds!…. ( I jest! )

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