Amazing Birthday in Oman.....

Amazing Birthday in Oman.....

pure breathtaking pure breathtaking I was lucky enough to visit Oman in May this year and I can honestly say it was the best birthday I have have ever had. Starting with the overnight Flight with Oman Airlines, which was faultless, I woke up on my birthday in a fantastic location with the sun gleaming through the windows and I felt surrounded by a totally calm atmosphere offering real peace and serenity. Oman as a destination was amazing. Everything was pristine and beautifully presented and if that wasn't good enough the people that I met during my stay were warm and friendly and determined to show off the very best their country has to offer. During my stay I had the opportunity to visit a number of amazing properties. The Shangri-La was one of the major highlights, they discovered it was my birthday (the big badge I was wearing might have given it away!!!!) and treated me to flowers and a wonderful calorie packed birthday cake. The Shangri-La is divided into three hotel named areas - these included a lazy river, an adults only area, numerous places to eat and drink and so much more. But the highlight of my visit (setting aside the cake) was most definitely the was amazing. Another hotel I visited on my travels was The Chedi. This hotel is set right on the beach. The hotel uses water as a founding feature - everywhere you go there is water and the feeling it creates is pure tranquility. Everything about this hotel is pure luxury - they even made macaroons for me whilst I waited. The food was fantastic...... It wasn't all beaches , excellent food , and great service during my visit there was so much more to experience. We had the opportunity to sample some of Oman's culture and history. We got to take in a few of the museums, places of worship and the palaces. For some real exhilaration you could opt to try the dune bugging which I would strongly recommend - a real adrenalin rush without any real effort....... you have got to try this. And then there was the night time turtle watching excursion which took us to a beach (natural heritage site) and encompassed a stay at an eco-lodge. I can honestly say that having the option to firstly watch turtles laying their eggs and moving around to another part of the beach and seeing baby turtles make their way to the sea for their first swim was one of those experiences that will stay with me forever. I loved Oman and I will certainly be going back with the family.                

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