5 Great reasons to book your holiday early if you have Children !!!

5 Great reasons to book your holiday early if you have Children !!!

I have been doing so many enquiries for October half term and Easter holidays and the same question keeps coming up from my customers "Why are the prices always higher  in the holidays?"  the simple answer is because of supply and demand. We all know, you  the parents will  probably get into trouble or even fined by your children's school for taking them out when you shouldn't Here are my 5 top reasons to book early and how it will benefit you ............................. 1 You will hopefully be able to get FREE or reduced child prices, this means so much when you are taking a 2 year old and on last minute bookings you generally end up paying the same as an adult 2 You get a wider choice of properties and resorts to choose from meaning you can pay and go where you like the look of and it will suit your family needs and everyone is then happy ! 3 You book early ,you have more time  to budget and to pay it off the holiday, with deposits starting from £60pp its a very wise idea to book early 4 It stops you having a nervous breakdown !........ the amount of times I have booked holidays for families and , they are so desperate to get away, and they are so stressed because they don't think they will get anything that suits, and then once booked its a frantic dash to get money, clothes and all those holiday essentials before getting on that plane. Booking early gives you time to plan and organise yourselves 5 The final reason is you can have something nice to look forward to through the long,dark,cold winters, who doesn't get a little bit excited when they are looking at their  future holiday and all those lovely photos of that inviting pool or fantastic clear blue sea ???

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