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Mexico is a hub of historical importance, natural wonder and unique flair, from its ancient ruins and cosmopolitan cities to its pristine beaches

Mexico is easily one of the most irresistible destinations of the world where a harmonious blend of luxury and nature meet. Explore a wealth of fascinating history in the ancient cities of Maya, climb a number of the Mayan Pyramids and visit the one of the New Seven Wonders of the World the Kukulkan Pyramid at Chichen-Itza.

Fine tune your golf clubs in one of the top class golf courses in the area, for underwater exploration dive in the second largest coral reef in the world with an abundance of diverse marine life. Or enjoy the simple pleasures and unwind on the white beaches in the glorious Mayan sunshine and maybe rejuvenate in one of the world class spa’s.

Travel Information

Time Difference: GMT -6hrs

Currency: Mexican Peso

Climate Information

There are mainly two seasons on the Riviera Maya. Winter & Spring are mostly sunny and dry and Summer can be rainy however it is a good balance to high temperatures and a quite good time to visit Mayan ruins.

From November to May a sweater or sweatshirt may be needed. With the ocean breeze, evenings can feel a little cool.

Leisure & Activities

Mayan Culture
Mexico is one of the best destinations to discover the wonders of the Mayan culture. Although the Maya settled throughout central America, the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico has probably a higher concentration of well-preserved constructions. The most famous of all of them all is the Kukulkan Pyramid at Chichen Itza. Other interesting sites include Tulum, the Magician’s Pyramid at Uxmal and Palenque in southern Mexico.

The Mayan Riviera
Consisting of the coastal resorts of Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and the island of Cozumel, the Mayan Riviera offers magnificent stretches of soft white sandy beaches with clear blue waters. If you like water sports it’s also the ideal destination with many opportunities to try out water skiing and windsurfing. Swimming with dolphins is another possibility.

Mexico City
With a plethora of museums, art galleries and other attractions, Mexico City offers a fascinating alternative holiday destination. The centre of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and there are around 1,400 16th to 19th century colonial buildings in and around the area. Overlooking the city there are two massive volcanoes, each reaching 5,000 metres high.

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