The Heritage Awali - Day 2 Part 1

The Heritage Awali - Day 2 Part 1

And so it continues to rain!....but not as heavily as before, thank goodness....we may be able to venture down to the beach for a stroll soon! Behind the scenes the staff are mopping up some quite serious damage to the basement and it's contents, and the lovely spa (about which more later) The storm drains are still unable to cope with the deluge of water which floods the pathways... we literally waded barefoot to breakfast! But even this horrendous weather doesn't detract from the beauty of the Awali... ...What a difference a couple of hours makes!..mercifully the rain stopped and we wandered along the beach to Heritage's other property Le Telfair...another gem, completely different from the Awali. ( I have a site visit planned later in the week, so will share my thoughts then. ) Our destination was the C Beach Club, a shared venue of both hotels. What a fabulous place, as you can see from the picture...( lots more on Facebook )...and oh my goodness what a fantastic lunch!..a word of warning though...the portions are massive....but we managed...all washed down with a few glasses of champagne! This forms part of the all inclusive package offered at the we will definitely be back! Whilst on the subject of the all inclusive package....As you would expect from a resort of this quality there is more than one restaurant to enjoy... though you do need to book, and I recommend you do so as soon as possible on arrival. Unusually though on most of the menus there are additional, optional items for which there is a nominal charge. I have seen a few negative comments about this on Trip Advisor, but I have no problem with it at all, the menus are very comprehensive, with loads of choices, so there is little chance of being 'caught out'....

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