Turtles are the Sunshine of Australia

Turtles are the Sunshine of Australia

 OH WOW!!! I had to share the news I received an email and it made me smile, so here is to make you smile,

Queensland‘s Australia Sunshine and Smiles a day celebrating World Turtle Day.

This is an annual event it is a day to celebrate the wonderful Turtles and to increase the awareness for the ongoing threats that they face.

A day of learning how to Protect and nurturing these incredible natural environments and wildlife of Queensland and Australia. Queensland is home to six of the world’s seven species of turtles, These gentle giants can be spotted all year round. So if you want to see turtles up close, then a visit to Fitzroy Island. After a day spent snorkelling and spotting turtles, rays and fish in the sea, you can head to the island’s Turtle Rehabilitation Centre to see up close how they care for sick or injured turtles.

If you Want to see Turtles nesting? If you are travelling to Queensland between November and March then don’t miss the turtle nesting and hatching season. Nesting takes place between November and January, with hatching between January and March. Heron Island or Lady Musgrave Island on the Southern Great Barrier Reef are great options to witness this magical moment and Mon Repos Turtle Centre on the mainland also attracts hundreds of nesting sea turtles each year. It is known the Great Barrier Reef faces ongoing challenges, but it remains an extraordinary place full of memorial experience’s.

Many areas continue to support beautiful corals and abundant marine life and with all of our help, the Reef will not only survive, but it will thrive. Well it is news to me as well so I know what you will say, But the best way to protect the world’s largest living organism is to visit it! Contrary to popular belief, visiting the Great Barrier Reef is a good thing.

All visitors are required to pay an Environmental Management Charge – this ‘reef tax’ helps pay for the day-to-day management and conservation of the Reff. Plus, not forgetting after seeing the Great Barrier Reef up close in all its glory, you, your family and friends will be more inspired to help protect it for many many years to come.

Dive in with Dreamtime Dive & Snorkel Dreamtime Dive & Snorkel is the only tour which combines a day out on the reef with full immersion into the culture of the local Indigenous people. Watch a traditional welcome, listen to the sounds of the didgeridoo and the ‘Great Barrier Reef creation story’ and join in with clap stick and dance demonstrations.

Citizen Science Tour If you are passionate about protecting the Reef, them it is time to get stuck in and become scientists for the day. Passions of Paradise based off Cairns recently launched Australia’s first hands-on conservation reef tour.

(Named - Citizen Science Tour) You will be able to assist the onboard Marine Biologists with reef nurturing and monitoring programmes Conservation through Art Located in Townsville North Queensland in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, the Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA) is a series of installations that highlight reef conservation, restoration, and education, and a deep connection to the community.

Though it looks like the stuff of your most surreal dreams, MOUA is not only a uniquely beautiful spectacle, but an innovative blend of art, marine science and culture.

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