Thinking of the Maldives?

Thinking of the Maldives?

Having just returned from 3 Maldivian Islands, I have to say it is still my favourite place in the world. There are over 1000 islands in the Maldives, approx. 300 are inhabited and around 100 are resorts. I have now visited 5 island resorts and choosing the right one for your needs it crucial. Let me try and help. Location Choosing an island location, e.g which Atoll is important as each is slightly different, some of them even have different time zones but mainly its about how far from Male they are; this dictates whether you travel by speedboat or sea plane. Each hotel that operate transfers by speedboat have their own boats that meet you from the international Male airport. After a quick health and safety check you are on your way and taken straight to the jetty of the island resort. For those islands that are further away a seaplane journey or even a local domestic flight is required which is an amazing experience in itself.

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