Maldives Hints and Tips

Maldives Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips For Travelling to the Maldives... The Maldives is one of our top destinations and we would encourage everyone to go at least once. It really is the destination of dreams and is pure paradise. Here are a few hints and tips for you if you are considering the Maldives:

1. When To Travel? Whilst the Maldives is hot year round almost 30C year round) there are better times to go than others. The true peak season is January to April, where you will find the driest months and the lowest humidity. All other months are still hot but you may experience more rain and there will likely be storms. Having said this I have been in May, June, August, September and October and have always had an amazing time ( and some great storms to watch too though) The benefit of going out of season is the prices are so much lower.

2. How to get there? Depending on where you live in the UK you have so many options to travel to the Maldives. London offers you a direct flight option with British Airways and Virgin whilst most other UK airports will offer you an indirect options with many airlines including Emirates, Qatar, Etihad, Turkish Airlines to name a few. These are great options as you have just over a 7 hour flight, a quick walk around the airport then on to your next flight which is just under 4 hours. The great news about the Maldives is they are only +4 hours, so its so easy to adapt booth ways to the time zone, no jetlag.

3. Which Island To visit? There are over 150 island resorts in the Maldives, each island is its own resort. Some are reached by speedboat from the airport and some are reached by seaplane. Speedboats can travel all hours BUT seaplanes can only operate in daylight hours, so if you are choosing an island using a seaplane try to land early in the morning not on one of the afternoon arrivals, as a short delay could mean having to overnight which isn‘t ideal. Some islands are also reached by internal flights, these can operate extended hours but this involves a flight and a boat from the local airport. Each island is paradise, but they all offer different things, some are more relaxed, some are bigger with a much wider range of facilities, some are very family friendly, some are more adult focused. Some have multiple restaurants and some have only one. Choosing your island is all about getting the right advice and going for the best you can get for your budget. The prices for each island vary so much but this is where one of our Maldives Experts can help you.

4. Over Water or Beach Villa? Again a personal choice, the beach villas are mostly very private ( feels like you are on the beach with no one) and are usually only a few steps away from your beach room/villa. These are usually closer to the islands centre for bars and restaurants too. If you like to walk into the sea this is probably the best options for you. Over Water Villas, have a longer walk to your villa via decked bridges but you have views of the sea from almost every angle, great storm viewing rooms too! Straight into the sea and you can sit watching for sea life for hours without even getting into the water. Some have slides too to add to your fun. Usually these are more than a beach villa. If you can't decide then its quite normal to have the best of both, we can book a few nights in each room category for you and the hotels will help you move. This way you get o experience it all.

5. All inclusive or B&B? Again this is down to budget but please bear in mind you are on an island where everything is imported so prices are not cheap. I would recommend that you take at least half board but if you like a nice wine, cocktail or two and love your food then ask for the all inclusive upgrade which will be an option at many of the hotels. Some hotels offer things like free afternoon tea, cocktail hour, Managers cocktail parties which are a great way of getting to meet the teams and see a few people.

6. One Centre or Two? You can island hop really easily if you feel staying on two or more islands islands is better. You can also combine The Maldives with South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Oman and many more destinations. We can put any of these options together for you.

The moment you step onto your island you will feel yourself instantly relax, even if you are not a beach person you will fall in love with the colours of the sand and the sea. Do it at least once..... If you would like us to help you with some options just message us as we would love to help you create your paradise holiday.

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