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Lanzarote is one of the beautiful Canary Islands situated in the Atlantic of the coast of Africa. These Islands which belong to Spain are blessed with a sub tropical climate so whenever you visit you are almost guaranteed an “eternal springtime.”

The visually striking island of Lanzarote has a lunar landscape of twisted lava streams and dormant volcanoes. It’s 283 square miles are ringed by long beaches of red white and jet black sand.

The Islands capital of Arrecife has 55,000 inhabitants almost half of the total population. The town is dominated by San Jose Fortress and The Castle of San Gabriel, which were built to defend the ports of Arrecife and Naos.

Some of the main tourist resorts include Costa Teguise and Puerto Del Carmen.

Costa Teguise is a flourishing resort and has transformed the arid terrain north of Arrecife with an extensive cluster of expensive accommodation. There is a striking difference between the old town Teguise and the exclusive Costa Teguise. The high level of investment attracts a jet-set clientele. You can expect a broad range of facilities including beaches cafes restaurants shops and a selection of water sports.

As the main tourist resort, Puerto Del Carmen has almost 4 miles of golden sandy beaches featuring a wide range of accommodation.

The most famous sights of Lanzarote are the ( Fire Mountains) Montanas Del Fuergo which are situated in the dramatic Timanfaya National Park. Six years of eruptions beginning in 1730 created this landscape. The eruptions devastated almost 200 square miles. As you ascend the mountains there is a fine view over more than 300 volcanic craters. Demonstrations show how cold water poured onto the ground turns immediately to a spout of steam. Wooden branches or straw placed on the hot spot take no time to burst into flames. You may also like to ride a camel around the rim of the extinct cone.

Whatever you choose to do whilst in Lanzarote you are sure to have an enjoyable holiday. Contact Carol to book on 01535 662015 or

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