FREE Top Packing Tips

FREE Top Packing Tips

The cases in my picture are out of history books but packing is such an art form and there are some really clever tricks that will help you make the most of your luggage allowance. Want to know more......????

  • The first rule of great packing is to roll and never fold - this will reduce crinkles and save more space than you realise!
  • Miniature toiletries are a great option - money saving (keep the bottles for the next trip and refill from your larger bottles at home). You can buy mini-sizes from retailers like Boots, Superdrug (Poundland) and even you local supermarket.
  • Plan your outfits in advance - from the dress to the earrings (if you are only going for a week you don‘t need 30 tops and bottoms - you really can manage with less!!)
  • Have you thought about having a capsule wardrobe - sounds very "Barbie" like but actually it can work really well - inter-changeable fashion pieces that you just love.
  • Did you know that many airlines will allow you take a pillow on-board? If you get stuck with your allowance check and see if your airline will let you travel with a pillow which can be filled with a few additional items!
  • Refillable water bottles are good for you and are great for the planet - in terms of a packing tip have you every heard of collapsible cups and water bottles. These are widely available from Amazon, eBay and lots of other shops and on-line retailers.
  • Most hotels provide "amenities" - do you need to check what your hotel is providing - this may mean you don't need to ship out copious amounts of shampoo, conditioner and the like.
  • Children are often very excited about having their own luggage - the Trunki is the ultimate child friendly baggage option with dual seating facilities! Perfect for those little, tired legs.
  • Consider rolling clothes with a soft hanger in place - that way you can move the clothes from case to wardrobe and back again with ease.
  • If you are travelling long-haul to a destination where you are worried that the case may be damaged or affected by rain in transit then maybe consider shrink wrapping?
  • Never put medication in your hold luggage unless it's spare - always carry with you and have a doctors letter if you are taking large amounts.
  • Put your name and address details inside the case not on the outside - most bags will be tagged on check in with your name and flight information.

If you have any others tips that you are prepared to share with a wider audience then I would love to hear from you....

Happy Travels!!

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