Paris, Paris, Paris.

Paris, Paris, Paris.

One of the most beautiful and stimulating cities in the world, Paris is loved for its unique atmosphere and its many pleasures, from culture to cuisine.  The city is defined by many quarters and is ideal for strolling.   The River Seine divides the north from the south of Paris in what is known as the Rive Droite  (right Bank) and Rive Gauche  (left Bank).  Despite the size of the city, Paris is also an easy destination to explore as the city centre itself is relatively compact and all areas of Paris are connected by a highly efficient public transport system, with the famous Paris Metro an attraction in itself.  A temperate climate exerts an important influence on the life of the city, making it possible for pavement cafes, open air markets and other colourful attributes of urban scene to enjoyed throughout the year.  For some Paris represents a city of romance, for others the French capital is a sparkling mix of writers and artists.  Historically, architecturally, culturally - this is a fascinating city.  One not to be missed. My Recommendations; Places to visit;  Eiffel Tower,   Notre Dame De Paris,  The Louvre,   Champs-Elysees. Arc de Triomphe,    Sacre-Coeur My Hotel recommendation;  Champs-Elysees Plaza Getting around; Paris's Metro System is undoubtedly one of the best in the world, day passes are available, or hire a bicycle with over 1,000 Velib bicycle hire stations. Shopping;  A must for the boutiques of the tree-lined Champs-Elsees   or Le Bon March` the city's oldest and most famous department store. Food & Drink;   With so much to choose from, may I suggest when your hungry look for a lovely Bistro in the area your in, check out the price before committing, most have set menus, I visited Le Pantruche, simple yet sophisticated and affordable, a set menu for 17euros for lunch and 34 euros for evening (starter, main and dessert)        

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