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My 16 year old Granddaughter Charlotte, recently stopped off in Singapore on her way to Australia and i asked her for her feedback so through her eyes and in her own words, who loved it this is her advice and views.


I recently took a wonderful trip to Singapore, for three days and three nights. In this time I accumulated a multitude of favourite spots and ‘must-dos’ from restaurants to experiences, throughout this post I’ll attempt to recommend a few incredible (in my humble opinion) places to you. I hope you find it useful 😊.


First, I thought I would discuss the airport. Not something you would normally consider when booking a holiday but, the airport is an awesome experience in itself – especially if you have a long lay-over. Like the country, the airport is impeccably clean and of course filled to the nines with all the shops you heart could desire. The airport also offers sky trains to each terminal so you can really have a peruse! For the nervous flyer there is a wealth of opportunity for distraction – with the butterfly sanctuary, cinema and various lounges allowing you to freshen up, have a bath or a lay down in your own company – away from the hubbub of the typical airport stresses.

Hotel Mi – Bencoolen Street

We stayed here on our night of arrival and thoroughly enjoyed it. The staff were absolutely lovely and incredibly helpful; they also provide a phone in every room which allows free data and calls/messaging. We found this (as tourists) a fabulous idea – it allowed us to phone home for free and use Google maps to assist our travels. The stay was incredibly priced and had free, full access to the swimming pool and gym – both of which were lovely and clean. Overall this was a great hotel, I would highly recommend it if you want to be central.

Hawker Centres

For a true (and excellent) taste of Singapore, visit and completely indulge in Hawker centres! You will always find something amazing for no more than a couple of dollars. my advice is to opt for the stand with the biggest queue; the locals will know their stuff when it comes to good food! They are that good, one stand has been awarded a Michelin Star, which allows me to swiftly move to my next point…

Hawker Chan

Hawker Chan is the said stand that has been awarded a Michelin Star. Due to popularity, the stand has expanded to another eating establishment across the road. The eatery is also known as the cheapest Michelin Star meal – two set meals including drinks translated to around £6. For a true taste of Singapore – have a try!

National Museum of Singapore

To grasp a little knowledge of the culture and history of Singapore, I visited the museum (which is fairly central just 2 minutes walk from the Mi hotel). I thoroughly enjoyed it; it was incredibly interesting and a great building. There is also a café inside so you could easily spend half a day there, or if you are a fast reader and skip the café, it would take around an hour or so. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about the culture etc.

China Town

If you are after some very good food (Hawker Chan is based around here), some shopping in the markets or some excellent pictures, I would head to China Town. It’s packed with colours, incredible buildings, hawker centres, trendy bars, nice restaurants and stalls filled with souvenirs, clothes and a wealth of food – from fruits to spices.

Marina Promenade

If you are a fish lover like myself, I would 100% recommend the promenade. They have a series of restaurants that allow you to pick you own fish/crustacean from the tanks placed outside the restaurant. The tables are mainly outside so you can enjoy your meal along the marina with a wonderful view. There are several bars placed along the stretch so you can also enjoy the view with a refreshing drink in the warm sunshine.

Gardens by the Bay

Whether horticulture and looking at the beauty of nature is your bag or not, I would 100% recommend you visit the beautiful gardens. It will blow your mind…well it certainly did mine anyway! There are an array of excursions available at the sites, with varying prices so there is something for absolutely everyone. However, you can see it all in a few hours, so I recommend getting the full package. Not only do you get a look at the incredible natural world, from the dome you get an excellent view of the central city skyline – a great photo opportunity. It can be a bit of a trek so wear comfy shoes. They also offer a visit and transport if you have a long layover in the airport, as it is rated an absolute ‘must-see when in Singapore’.

Majestic Bay

This restaurant is next to the exit of Gardens by the Bay so they work hand in hand if you fancy some lunch or dinner after visiting. If you are after the much-lusted Singapore chilli spider crab then this is the place to go as it has been titled the best in Singapore; so I wouldn’t miss it.

Marina Bay Sands

Can you go to Singapore and not stay at this incredible hotel? I think not. Staying there isn’t a nights sleep, it is an incredible experience that I can wholeheartedly say is worth every penny. Views you could never forget, service you couldn’t dream of and an experience to die for. The infinity pool is incredible; clean and of course allows for some awesome photographs. They also have a separate pool for the younger children. This has a transparent board which allows them to see the view whilst avoiding any dangers. Their service is great, your drinks will be in your hand within 5 minutes of ordering them from the sun loungers. Also, on top is a variety of restaurants, each being incredibly highly rated for both the food and view. The menus produced cover a wide range of cuisines and cater beautifully for the masses; both the cocktails and dishes are divine. They also have full access to the gym, steam room and sauna, which I highly recommend you take advantage of. Massages are available for an additional charge but are an incredible experience. Finally, the light show and firework displays are a must see. When staying at the hotel, from the roof top, the fireworks are roughly eye level- so you get a view like no other. Which as a whole describes the overall experience at staying in Marina Bay Sands – an experience ‘like no other’.


A couple of hints and tips if you are thinking of travelling to Singapore:

  • The taxis/grab rides are more expensive at night.
  • The tube is a good shout if you want to get somewhere quickly or you don’t fancy walking.
  • Finally, AVOID anything durian flavoured. It is a flavour that can only be described as old gym socks, vomit and spring onion. It is easily disguised as lychee on packaging- do not be fooled. It is illegal in some establishments and countries because the smell is that potent and will remain in your mouth for the rest of the day.

Charlotte  M Age 16

Summer August 2019
Australia coming up soon



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