Le 'beautiful' Bristol Hotel in Paris

Le 'beautiful' Bristol Hotel in Paris

Maybe working in travel has spoilt me. I have the opportunity to visit quite a few hotels each year, some work, some play and I have to say it gets harder and harder to take my breath away. Two years ago we set off on Eurostar to visit Paris. It was March, the weather fine as we left St Pancras but not quite as fine when we arrived in Gare Du Nord. Dodging the shower that was by not turning into a torrent, we launched ourselves into a cab having beat off local competition by taking a side exit at the station. Paris is an amazing city, it sparkles in the sunshine and warmly greets you like a long lost friend, in the rain the city (in common with most cities affected by bad weather) is lacking in lustre. Never fear, after a short taxi journey we arrived at Le Bristol. The entrance is classy and subtle but the hotel's reception and lounge area is stunning. In my opinion this hotel offers the best that Paris has to offer both in terms of the quality of accommodation and also in terms of service. I have always thought that the French language is so attractive when spoken softly. When spoken at speed and a higher volume it can come across as a little aggressive. At Le Bristol the greeting is warm, friendly and extremely professional. You are checked in before you know it, your bags taken off to your room and you are taken to you room or suite. Before you reach your room you take the elevator - not the lift, this isn't a lift this is an elevator. It's as beautiful as the interior of the hotel. It's evocative of a by gone age of glitz and glamour. Our suite was every bit as gorgeous as the rest of this amazing hotel. Spacious with an amazing bathroom and a small sitting room where a vase full of the most beautiful roses was waiting to greet us. The smell of fresh roses was pure indulgence. We had booked a two night stay and I have to say that I could happily have spent two days and nights at this hotel without every venturing further than the elevator! The hotel has a spa and indoor swimming pool - the setting of which is spectacular overlooking the rooftops of Paris. We did venture out during our stay, it wasn't easy leaving the hotel for a moment but it would have been wrong not to visit some of the sights and sounds of Paris. We visited the shops, walked by the Seine, got wet, dried out and then got wet again. We drank wine in pavement café's (in between showers) and visited the Sacre Coeur. If you are looking for something special in Paris you are wasting time looking at other options. This really is the best of the best - style, elegance, luxury, indulgence - just a few of the words that sum up this hotel....ooh and I forgot to mention the hotel cat who wanders around keeping guard! The Le Bristol is a luxury purchase and in my opinion it really is worth every penny!    

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