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Quebec, Canada


The largest province in Canada, with spectacular scenery, fantastic wildlife and fascinating historical towns.

Predominately French speaking Quebec, offers visitors a diverse range of things to do and see, from fishing to dogsledding.

There are vast areas of forest covering almost half of the state which is home to an abundance of wildlife. Montreal is the biggest city, but not the capital, that honour belongs to Quebec City with its fortified centre.

Travel Information

Time Difference: GMT -4 hours

Currency: Canadian Dollars

Climate Information

Quebec covers a huge area so the climate can vary immensely across the state. The north experiences Arctic conditions with severe winters lasting 8 months in duration. In the south, in the summer months from June to August, the temperatures average 25 degrees Celsius with high humidity.

There is high snowfall in winter (November to March) with average temperatures of -7 degrees.

Leisure & Activities

Quebec City
Situated on the St Lawrence River, Quebec City, a UNESCO world Heritage Site, is a beautiful fortified city with stone buildings and narrow streets within the fortified centre. There’s certainly plenty to do for the whole family, with museums, amusement parks, a fantastic aquarium and religious buildings. As a predominately French speaking state, you are spoilt for choice for delicious cuisine in the many restaurants.

Want to try something a little bit different, then dogsledding is perfect for you. It’s possible to try this unique experience in many of the Quebec regions and guided excursions can last from one to seven days. Overnight accommodation is provided either in a tepee for the ultimate experience, or in more upmarket hotels and cottages.

There’s an abundance of wildlife to see in Quebec including moose, humpback whales, black bears and caribou. With the many forests carpeting the state, covering almost half the province, the options of organised excursions are many and varied.

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