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Italian Coast

Fine wines and cuisine in the country and on the beach

Tuscany has to be one of the most stunning and well known Italian holiday destinations. In this part of the world you will find rolling hills, fine wines, the loveliest towns and villages and the locals who are so proud to live in this area.

Visit Florence or Pisa, stay in one of the many country estates or simply choose a traditional hotel on the beach. The options are endless but luxury is everywhere.

The region is also famous for it's fine wines like Chianti and Montepulciano.

From the countryside, head North and you will find palm lined promenades, grand hotels and beautiful beach side restaurants and beach clubs.

Travel Information

Time Difference: GMT +2hrs

Currency: Euro

Climate Information

Italy enjoys four seasons, although winters in the south of the country can be extremely mild with temperatures tending not to fall below 15 degrees.

The months of July to September offer the hottest months with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius.

In winter (December to February) temperatures can dip to almost zero. Most rainfall is from November to April.

Leisure & Activities

There are so many places of interest in Naples, it would take you weeks to investigate all possibilities. Naples Cathedral is certainly high on the list. Originally built on the site of an earlier church constructed in 570AD, the current building was built in the thirteenth century. If you would like to explore further afield, Pompei is the obvious choice of destination.

Palio di Siena
Held twice a year, on 2nd. July and 16th. August, The Palio di Siena is the most famous bareback horserace in history. There are three options to consider in order to see the race. The first one is the cheapest (it’s actually free), and that is to turn up very early, about 5 hours before the race, and find a spot in the central piazza. Secondly, you can pre book a seat in one of the stands, but they need to be booked months in advance. Thirdly, and the most expensive, is to book a place on one of the balconies of the various houses overlooking the square.

Portofino is a stunningly beautiful town on the Italian Riviera, southeast of Genoa. It’s like stepping back in time to the 1950’s and 60’s when Portofino became famous for its’ visiting celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and Ernest Hemingway. One of the best things to do in Portofino is to simply walk through the streets and simply “people watch”.

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