Why book through a travel agent? | Designer Travel

If you’ve ever aksed yourself this question, then read on.

If you trawl the internet, you may find your holiday at a cheaper price. But what are you forfeiting by paying less?

This evening I watched a video which highlights the importance of value for money. The scenario: a man calls his dentist to arrange a tooth extraction. Through the conversation which followed, the man negotiates the price down from the £1600 initially quoted to £200. He does this by requesting that certain elements of the service be removed. The end result, whilst he only ends up paying £200, is that he will have a tooth extracted without any anaesthetic and very quickly! Whilst this was a spoof it highlights that if we want to pay less, ultimately we get less of the service which is on offer. He constantly stresses that price is the main issue.

When booking a holiday, everyone has a budget. However, when you book through Designer Travel as part of this budget, you will get a level of service which you won’t get elsewhere and at a competitive price. We take the hassle out of researching and collating all the information which enables you to plan your holiday, without having to spend hours doing it; we have access to many different suppliers ensuring a good review of the market; a personal service, meaning there is always someone on the end of the phone to assist you during the planning, the pre departure arrangements and whilst you are away and all this at a time to suit you too.

So before you answer the question as to why to book through Designer Travel, ask yourself some other questions first: Am I protected, both financially and logistically? What happens if there is a disaster in the country I am visiting such as a fire at the international airport on the day I am due to fly home? Can I contact someone in the UK for assistance? What happens if my accommodation supplier goes out of business? Can I call someone at 10pm and ask for some last minute advice, the day before I travel? Will the hotel I book be fully aware of all my special requirements before I arrive? Will I get the best rooms available for the rate I am paying? I don’t have time to pre-book restaurants and excursions so is there someone who can do that for me?

My clients, want to be able to book their holidays and trips away, in the knowledge that they receive an excellent level of service throughout the entire process. So whether it be a weekend away or a once in a lifetime trip, make sure you are confident that you are getting the best service and value, for the money you’re spending by contacting me at Designer Travel.

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