The Maldives ... Honeymoon Paradise

The Maldives ... Honeymoon Paradise

As we are now in Wedding Fayre season, The Maldives is now one of my top destination_blogs for quotes ....  The setting could not be more glamorous, a bracelet of islands dazzled by sunlight and surrounded by silvery-white sandy beaches.   All these natural blessings are very much enhanced by a wide selection of luxury hotels, with world renowned spas and excellent restaurants. Most of the accommodation comprises of water villas built on wooden stilts, boasting all mod-cons and depending on the location of your island your transfer from Male airport would be by either seaplane or speedboat, ensuring you really do arrive in style!  Pampering is most definitely the word. The Maldives are also perfect for scuba diving as there is so much marine life: sting rays, manta rays, turtles, dolphins, whales - just to name a few.  But if all that swimming is too exhausting then you can always spend the day on a yacht excursion, or have a spa treatment, or simply cast yourself away on a sun-drenched beach.   And you'll never forget the clink of glasses and a few whispered words as the sun goes down in a blaze of colour..... They say marriages are made in heaven ...... well I say honeymoons are made in the Maldives!  

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