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My family and I took a day trip to Capri from Naples where we were docked for the day. We disembarked our cruise ship nice and early purchased our ferry tickets and our adventure began. During our 40 minute crossing to Capri we were approached by an independent tour guide offering us places on a mini bus tour of the island. As our time was limited we decided that this was the best way for us to see all that Capri had to offer during our short visit.

Upon arriving in Capri we walked through the main streets with shops and restaurants taking in the small city with its quirky charm. Even the taxi’s were convertible’s.

We hopped on our tour bus and headed up a long and winding road to Ana Capri. What a beautiful place with exclusive shops in which to treat yourself to something special should you so wish. The views on route are great but in order to truly appreciate what Capri has to offer you must take the funicular to the top of the island.

The funicular provides you with a ride like no other, in individual chairs you will ascend to the highest point on the island. A fifteen minute journey you will never forget with plenty of time to yourself to take in the spectacular views. Once at the top it’s time to reunite with your family for some Italian ice cream or perhaps some lunch and more beautiful photo opportunities. Then to make your descent to Ana Capri and see what else there is to appreciate.

Our tour guide took us to Via Krubb it is simply breath taking even if your time is limited this is a must see. Via Krubb is a unique and winding walkway cut into the side of the mountain providing stunning views of the Faraglioni the timeless rock formations that signify the rugged beauty of Capri.

We continued our adventure in a speed boat circumnavigating the island. This provided us with the opportunity to take a closer look at Faraglioni and the blue grottos, taking a boat ride through a natural cavern that is filled with an ethereal and eerie light reflecting on the (very blue) water. We even saw goats on the cliff face and spectacular houses that seemed to be carved into the rock. I wonder how do those people reach there homes?

Capri provides so many unique experiences. Whatever you like whether it is nature, culture or shopping you will not be disappointed.

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