Swimming through an aquarium in the Maldives

Swimming through an aquarium in the Maldives

Having just got back from a wonderful trip to the Maldives, I have to report on what a magical experience it was. After a long and uneventful trip via Colombo we arrived in Hulhule Island which is the island where the airport is located and is near to the capital island Male, we then took our transfer by speedboat to the resort Island of Kurumba, only 15mins away. It is one of the nearest resorts to the airport. It does mean however you can hear the planes flying over but it actually wasn’t a drawback and it  certainly wasn’t overbearing. Kurumba was the very first resort in the Maldives and something they are very proud of. On arrival we were ushered into an airconditioned, very welcome, arrival room and given the ubiquitous cold towel and some very delicious coconut ice cream, the island’s own coconuts.  After a complimentary breakfast we checked into the villa, taken there by a silent electric golf buggy. Our room was spacious and well equipped with a fan as well as air con. and of course lovely toiletries that smelt divine, coconut of course!. The bathroom was an added bonus as it was partly open air and the sumptuously large bath was set half in the garden, just wonderful. I was concerned we would be troubled by mozzies during the night, but there were no mozzies or bugs in the whole resort as they spray (with organic spray) the outsides of the villas on a regular basis and it made such a difference to the holiday not being bothered by bugs! One of the reasons we chose this resort was that it had a choice of restaurants, in fact eight restaurants, which included, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Ocean Grill which is set in a beachside al fresco setting, Teppinyaki (where we went if we felt like a little entertainment, not only the chef chopping, juggling and frying, but baby sharks swimming beneath you!) Middle Eastern and the main restaurant which did a full buffet every evening. I do have to say that the food was delicious in each restaurant and maintained the flavours of the different countries food. There is just so much to recommend this resort but I have to mention our villa was just a few steps away from the beach, which was just the softest, whitest sand graced by the lapping of the most crystal clear warm water. You could also walk waist deep for about 500yds to where they had set up a coral barrier. As you walked through this crystal clear water you could see the odd beautiful fish but beyond the barrier which was where we snorkelled it was like swimming through an aquarium, so hard to explain how beautiful some of the fish are, including baby sharks and turtles, just amazing! Oh, I haven’t even mentioned the wonderful spa which is set in the lush gardens of the resort and where you experience treatments that embrace the true soul of the Maldives. All their oils come from, guess where… their coconuts! The massages were very spoiling. I will say one last thing about Kurumba, one hears from time to time how the Maldives are destroying the area with  tourism. Well, Kurumba are trying very hard and succeeding in being very green, they recycle all their waste, both food and what we leave behind and they have their own recycling plant on site. They do regular tours to show their set up and it truly was inspiring. They are a wonderful example of how tourism can work with still keeping the environment as it was. Please call Debbie on 01962 882675 or email debbieponnaz@designertravel.co.uk for more information, as I would love to tell you more about this gorgeous resort, and there is more!

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