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Croatia is poised to become one of the most popular short haul destinations.

Visitors flock to this tranquil city nestled between the Adriatic and Dinaric Alps. A wealth of sites lie within the walls of the pedestrian old town. Medieval renaissance and baroque treasures as well as designer shops restaurants and galleries line the streets.

This beautiful city was severely bombed during the nineteen nineties Bulkan war. However the city has been restored so well the newer terracotta tiles are the only real clue as to where the bombs fell.

We entered the city of Dubrovnik through Pile Gate the impressive western gate into the old town. A stone 3 arched bridge built in 1471 leads to the gate once inside you will see the Onophrian fountain.


We joined the queue to walk the walls. The well preserved, mile long 14th century ramparts are among the finest in Europe.  Walking the walls is an absolute must, payable in the local currency at ninety kuna per person which is approximately nine pounds. We also hired an audio headset for only 70 kuna which is great to enrich your experience. Although information signs are available I would highly recommend the audio headset to truly appreciate what you can see as the narrative absorbs you in the history of the site.  The walk took around one and a half hours so were comfortable shoes, take a hat and some water. Although this can be quite tiring in the heat of summer the views are worth every step.

Once we had completed the walk around the walls we took a stroll in the beautiful harbour area. Boats trips are available including a visit to the local monastery and nature reserve.

Our stroll took us back to the Onophrian fountain which was at one time the only fresh water source in Dubrovnik. Now it is the perfect meeting place to rest and have a gelato whilst watching the world go by.

I don’t know what I was expecting when I visited Dubrovnik what a beautiful place. We strolled the harbour, listened to folk music, ate gelato, took in stunning views and watched the world go by.

A wonderfully endearing place that I would definitely return to.



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