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Every dreamed of sipping champagne whilst watching the sunset over Ayres Rock, swimming with reef sharks on The Great Barrier Reef or scaling Sydney harbour bridge………well there is no time like the present to start planning that trip of a life time to Australia.

The Australia $ is at an excellent rate at present which in turn gives you more whilst there.

Australia has to be one of my favourite Countries, having spent a length of time travelling & working  , I feel I really got to know the country and the people who live there.

You may only have 2-3 weeks to spare or may be you are planning on staying for months, one thing you can be sure of is that you will have the holiday of life time and some magical experiences to last for ever.

Australia is so diverse in what it has to offer…. If you love the buzz of a city its hard to choose between, Sydney or Melbourne, with Sydney’s amazing skyline, with The Harbour Bridge and Opera house, plus its vibrant night life & Melbourne offers its quaint trams that take you around the city, you can visit areas like St Kilda with its arty vibe and cafe culture, if visiting in February why  not take in the Australian Tennis open ?

For those of you who have love the water , its a must to dive/snorkel The Barrier Reef or if you prefer to keep dry why not try a few days sailing around the beautiful Whitsunday islands.

Beaches & surfing are a way of life there , grab a beer or milk shake! and watch the surfers catching the waves, it really is amazing to watch !

The wild life is so varied & interesting and you can get up really close, with the many sanctuaries, rainforest tours, boat trips available. My personal favourite was going to Philip Island and sitting in the dunes and watching the famous Fairy penguins pop up out of the sea and come and nest in the dunes , they waddle past like you aren’t there!

I could go on forever. So what are you waiting for get planning that trip of a life time……… ……………………




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