Stacey Jillings, Author at Designer Travel

About Me

Hi, my name is Stacey and I live in the lovely market town of Southwell in Notti­ngham.

I have been involved in the travel indus­try for over 15 years and absolutely love every aspect of it, especially seeing people enjoy wonderf­ul holidays.

I love being an inde­pendent travel agent and also love being able to come to peo­ple’s own homes to help provide them with all the information to book whatever holiday they are look­ing to achieve.

One of the most impo­rtant aspects of the job is being able to offer a genuine on­e-to-one customer se­rvice and being able to help guide people through the proces­s.

I enjoy being involv­ed in everything from long haul travel to cruises to European jaunts to city bre­aks and everything in between.