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The Karpaz region and North Cyprus offer a wide range of interesting places to visit and experience, with its ancient castles and abbeys, vibrant culture and enticing cuisine, golden beaches and beautiful coastline

More About Northern Cyprus

There’s a delightful spot in the Med where you’ll find a laid-back lifestyle and prices that won‘t break the bank. With 200 miles of unspoiled, enchanted coastline, over 300 days of sunshine, and 9,000 years of history, this hidden gem has been awarded the cleanest waters in Europe, making it a true paradise for beach lovers.

No matter what the weather is like at home, you can be sure that it’s perfect in North Cyprus. The island basks in year-round sun and the climate simply becomes gentler as the seasons change. Cyprus boasts three airports - Ercan in the North, and Larnaca and Paphos in the South, making travel to the island's resorts easy as a breeze, with smooth transfers

Moreover, It’s a Euro-free zone, using the Turkish lira, which has a great exchange rate at the moment, so sightseeing and shopping is a bargain. It’s also recognized as one of the safest countries worldwide. 


North Cyprus enjoys a very pleasant climate, with warm, dry summers and mild winters, and an average of 300 days of sunshine. In August, the hottest month, average temperatures range from 21°C to 36°C. In the coldest months of January and February, the average temperature is around 10°C, with a winter average of six hours daily sunshine and only moderate rain, making it an ideal year round destination.

Highlights / Things To Do

Apostolos Andreas Monastery

Apostolos Andreas Monastery is a monastery just south of Cape Apostolos Andreas, the north-easternmost point of the island of Cyprus, in Dipkarpaz (Rizokarpazo) on the Karpaz Peninsula. The monastery is dedicated to Saint Andrew and is an important site for the Cypriot Orthodox Church.

St. Hilarion Castle

One of the most-visited sites in North Cyprus, Saint Hilarion Castle lies on the Kyrenia mountain range and is the best preserved ruin of the three castles in Kyrenia, the others being Kantara and Buffavento. It was originally built as a monastery until the Byzantines began fortification in the 11th century in order to provide defence against Arab attacks.

Ancient City of Salamis

Salamis is an ancient Greek city-state on the east coast of Cyprus, at the mouth of the river Pedieos, 6km north of modern Famagusta. Set over one kilometre with a beautiful sandy beach stretching the entire length of the site, there are still large areas waiting to be excavated as much of the city remains buried under the sands. The earliest archaeological finds date back to 1100 BC.

Shipwreck Museum

The Shipwreck Museum located in Kyrenia Castle is home to the remains of a merchant ship and its cargo dating back to the 4th century BC, making it one of the oldest ship artefacts in the world. In 1965, Andreas Kariolou, a Greek-Cypriot diver, discovered the vessel, laden with millstones and amphorae of wine from Kos and Rhodes.

Golden Beach

The most famous and beautiful beach in Cyprus, this remote idyllic beach is at the tip of the Karpaz Peninsula, with magnificent sands that stretch for more than three kilometres. Also a nesting site for turtles, the golden sand and azure sea form an impressive sweeping bay.

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Key Highlights

Things to see and do in Cyprus

There’s so much to see and do in Cyprus, from serene boat tours departing the charming Kyrenia harbour for a leisurely swim to exploring the Karpaz Peninsula. There, you can discover pristine beaches, mosques, and the joy of feeding wild donkeys and turtle watching. Plus, you can‘t visit without trying some local olive oil and sipping on thick Turkish coffee! For more adventure, consider a jeep tour into the Kyrenia Mountains, where you can stop at deserted monasteries and take in stunning views over miles of sandy beaches. Don't miss the chance to explore charming Kyrenia town and the picturesque Bellapais mountain village. Immerse yourself in the historic charm of Famagusta and Indulge in the crystal-clear waters of the Bafra region. In addition to these natural wonders, North Cyprus offers delectable local cuisine, fabulous shopping, and idyllic bars – all at incredible value.

Food and drink in Cyprus

In North Cyprus, dining is a delight with options ranging from cosy tavernas to upscale international eateries, all offering fresh ingredients, friendly service, and great value. The cuisine reflects Mediterranean influences, featuring must-try dishes like Lahmacun, Yalanci Dolma, Sigara Borek, Kofte, Kleftiko, Meze, Moussaka, Shish Kebab, Simit, and Ayran. Explore the diverse flavours of North Cyprus and savour every bit 

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