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I’m Lucia and you’ve probably guessed by my name I’m Italian. Correct!

Although I was born in Italy I grew up in then UK and I am now based in Harwich, a lovely seaside town in Essex.

Let me tell you my story. I have over 25 years of travel experience. I have worked for a tour operator, an airline, BA, a cruise company, business travel, travel agent. For a brief period I was a wedding and honeymoon specialist, one of my favourite jobs. I have lived in Spain and in Italy so speak Italian and some Spanish. I have been travelling since I was 2…when my parents bought me to the UK and haven’t stopped since. I have travelled most parts of the world, I have tried counting how many countries but fell asleep at 100. I am always being asked where is my favourite place and that’s difficult to answer because I love so many places but if I had to name 3 I guess Hayman Island Australia, Cinque Terre, Italy, and The Caribbean.

Wherever you want to go in the world whether it’s Bermuda or Bognor (I’ve been to both) please give me a call and you will get the same service. Every detail will be taken care of for you. Just give me a call on 07956 076667 or send me an email

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