Helen Bentley, Author at Designer Travel

About Me

Hi, I’m Helen & I live in Fence with my husband and little girl.

I’ve had a fascination with travel for as long as I can remember… I love exploring, and going on new adventures – whether it’s sleeping in a tent on the Kenya plains (that was an experience!) or relaxing in the lap of luxury in Dubai – both totally different but both completely exhilarating!! I’m extremely lucky that I’ve been able to travel to lots and lots of different countries, the Caribbean, Mauritius & Thailand still being firm favourites.

I’ve also enjoyed many European holidays and city breaks with my friends and, also now as a family… I cannot wait to take my little girl to Rome & show her all the sights!

I would love to be able to share my experiences with you, and help you plan your own adventure.  Whether its a majestic holiday in Asia, a family holiday to Europe or even getting married somewhere exotic (We loved our Cuban wedding!) I would relish the chance to find you something special.

I understand how important holidays are, and promise to plan yours as I would my own – with lots of care, and attention to detail. Afterall these are precious times, where we make memories that will last a life time.