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I haven‘t mentioned it on FB but since we left the UK there has been a terrible weight on my shoulders....When going through security at T5 at LHR I removed my gold rolex watch and placed it in the tray along with my other bits and bobs and it wasn't until mid flight when I went to check how long we had left before landing that I realised what I had done. As you can imagine, I was devastated. The first person I mentioned it to (apart from Trevor who never even had a moan at me) was my travel consultant (and now friend) Angela Briggs from Designer Travel who constantly kept an eye on the lost property web site for me and kept me updated all the time. 5 minutes ago she called me to say that she located my watch for me and that it had actually been handed in by someone at T5. How about that? I just cannot believe it. My faith in humanity has been restored. Thank you Angela, I cannot express how grateful I am to you. Not only in this instance but for your genuine concern and dedication you have shown time and time again, you truly are an amazing lady xxxxx 

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