Iberostar Hotels & Resorts

We are proud to be working with Designer Travel ensuring that their clients receive the very best in resort service and quality.

We know that holidays mean the world to Designer Travel‘s clients and promise that we will always deliver the very best experience

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts

Discover Iberostar’s best 5-star hotels.

At Iberostar, we know that the perfect holiday doesn’t just depend on the destination you’ve chosen. Therefore, we’re offering you the best 5-star hotels located at the beach, in the centre of the world’s most important cities, and in historic buildings that have a lot of different stories to tell.

Star Prestige: Small details, an amazing experience! Enjoy VIP amenities and access to the private Star Prestige facilities. The most luxurious rooms, the best views, superior cuisine… all with luxury services and attention to detail to ensure that you want for nothing. Come and enjoy the most exclusive Iberostar experience.

Holidays are about having fun. Holidays not only allow children to relax and forget about school work for a few weeks, they are also a unique opportunity to learn, pick up healthy habits and make friends from other parts of the world. This is what we believe at Iberostar

Unique Services

  • Star Prestige: Small details, an amazing experience. Enjoy VIP amenities and access to the private Star Prestige facilities
  • Discover Iberostar’s best 5-star hotels
  • Adults Only Hotels
  • Star Camp Holidays are about having fun
  • Fit & Fun: You’ll feel totally renewed after your vacation with the innovative Fit & Fun program

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