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One of the most beautiful of the Caribbean Islands

“Spice Island” as it is lovingly called, the land of exotic flowers and rich spices, warm breezes and Grenadian charm all surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty the Island has to offer. The soft white sand beaches, crystal clear seas and delicious aromas will entice your senses.

During the days seek out the lush tropical rainforests and cascading waterfalls, visit the boutiques in the modern malls, dive one of over 30 dive sites, or even charter a yacht the choice is yours to do as you please. When the day is over and the evening is setting in you will find ample elegant and unique dining experiences from the Lighthouse Ship restaurant to Gary Rhodes “Rhodes Restaurant” at the wonderful Calabash Hotel, his only restaurant outside the UK.

Travel Information

Time difference: GMT -4hrs

Currency: East Caribbean Dollar

Climate Information

Grenada’s driest period is between Jan and May and increased rainfall toward the end of the year June – December.

Grenada can be affected by hurricanes which are more likely to appear from June to November.

Leisure & Activities

Some of the best beaches in the Caribbean are found in Grenada. The pristine white sandy beach at Grand Anse is one of the finest and, with sheltered waters, its ideal for swimming and sun bathing. Another beautiful beach is La Sagesse which is situated on the south eastern tip of the island. It has a lovely small restaurant serving delicious food.

Hot Springs
Although Grenada is a volcanic island, it is now, thankfully dormant, but there is a submerged active volcano some way off the shores out at sea. This has created six warm water waterholes in the northeast of the island called the Sallee Boiling Springs. It is an area of spiritual importance to the locals and many visitors throw coins into the fountain and make a wish.

If you’re feeling particularly active, why not try a hiking trip in the Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve. There you will discover a fantastic dormant volcano which now forms the Grand Etang Lake. There’s an abundance of wildlife in the area including the rare Mona monkeys, armadillos and the local Grenada dove.

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