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Not actually a sea, but a lake, the Dead Sea is a narrow 42 mile long stretch of water and the world’s largest natural spa, situated in the wonderful country of Israel. At well over 4,000 meters below sea level is the lowest point on earth and is amazingly beautiful, with white-salt rocks on its lovely beaches, and surrounding canyons and cliffs.

The ‘sea’ itself is famous for being impossible to swim in – you may have seen photographs of people floating in it, whilst reading a newspaper or drinking tea!….Although posed, these images are absolutely true!…it is the strangest sensation to literally be laying on top of the water, buoyed up by the huge concentration of salt (approx 350 grammes per litre!) There are no waves, (just the odd ripple caused by bathers going in and out of the water) so it is a really unique relaxing experience. One word of warning…if you have a cut or graze anywhere, the salt will surely find it, and it will sting!

The natural mud, excavated along the shore is as famous as the Dead Sea itself. Full of minerals and said to have great cosmetic and medicinal properties, it can be huge fun to get covered in it! However, for a more sophisticated experience you might prefer to go to one of the many wonderful spas!

The region of Ein Gedi is fantastic for trekking, through wonderful oasis’ of greenery with stunning waterfalls. You will likely see ibex, hyrax and wild goats along your way. There are many historical sites to see , particularly the cave at Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.

Overlooking the Dead Sea is the dramatic fortress of Masada, built by Herod the Great, who reigned from 37-4BC it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is well worth a visit. It can be reached by climbing for a couple of hours, or like me you may prefer the cable car!

Also worth a look is the Kibbutz at Ein Gedi which was founded in 1954 and houses a zoo, an eco centre, and a little guest house. It is renowned for its spa and botanical gardens.

A year round sunny climate makes this area of Israel a really good option. Its possible to visit just for the day, being just 39 kms from Jerusalem, but there is a plethora of accommodation available from hostels to 5 star luxurious hotels and spas.

It is quite some years since I visited the Dead Sea, but it will stay for ever in my memory as being one of the most quirky, interesting and amazing places I have ever been to. It will be my pleasure to help you book your trip – contact me on 023 80863663

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