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So it’s Sunday…and if you were at home in the UK you’d be going to your usual church..but you’re on holiday and making do with the Gideon Bible and maybe your Every Day with Jesus notes!

Can I encourage you to seek out the local places of worship…you will be so blessed!

It’s often possible to research and locate your church before you travel…obviously there are many denominations, and you may wish to find a place that closely matches your home church, or you might wish to go ‘off-piste’ and experience something’s new…… It will be my pleasure to assist you if I can.  Many times it is the staff members who attend church who provide the best insight..they will not only be delighted to share their experiences, but often will offer to accompany you!

Here in Jamaica there are churches everywhere! Every denomination is represented, and downtown reverberates on Sundays with singing!  Yesterday we attended church with some dear friends we have made over the years of coming here, and had a fantastic time! Certainly it’s different from our home church…it’s busier and louder, and the ladies hats are astounding!…but it was a blessing to be with people of a different culture worshipping God.

You may of course find that Sunday worship is available at your hotel…here at Sandals, Montego Bay they have Catholic Mass ( in the lovely chapel they have in resort ) and over the years we have been pleased to experience in-house worship of many kinds… but if not perhaps you might venture out and enjoy a special Sunday blessing!








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