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It has been my absolute pleasure to visit this wonderful Caribbean island, and to experience the diversity of its scenery – the majestic Piton mountains, the beautiful fragrant flora and fauna, the Rainforest, the (very stinky, but awesome) Sulphur Springs at the world’s only drive-in volcano, the Diamond Falls, the glorious beaches, – this island has experiences to savour!

St Lucia is 27 miles long and 14 miles wide, and is relatively easy to get around – and there are endless opportunities to take tours to the harder to get to places. Perhaps you’d like to zip line through the Rainforest, or choose the aerial gondola walk to take in spectacular views? It is a bird-watchers dream. Or perhaps you prefer to horseback ride along the beach? Or trek, bicycle, or climb in the mountains, exploring the Gros Piton (771 metres) and the Petit Piton (743 metres)

Or how about just relaxing on one of St Lucia’s many beautiful beaches, with golden sand in the north and silver and black in the volcanic south west? There are some great reefs teeming with marine life, so its a great destination for snorkelling and diving. Great fishing and whale and dolphin watching experiences are also available.

A paradise for yachting enthusiasts, St Lucia also has two superb marinas at Rodney Bay and Margot Bay.

St Lucia enjoys a tropical climate with average daytime temperatures in the mid to high 20’s. June to November are the wettest months, although I have been there during this time and the rain, though heavy at times, is nothing like the horrors we have experienced this past winter in the UK!

An island with a rich cultural heritage, between the 17-19 centuries St Lucia was ‘owned’ between the French and the British 14 times! The British then took over until St Lucia was granted independence in 1979. The French and English Caribbean and African influences have combined together to create a special Creole culture, and a very entertaining Patois language – although the official language is English.

Food is abundant, varied and delicious, whether you are eating from a paper plate or the finest china. All kinds of fish, seafood, stews, soups, chicken have the Creole touch, and with tourism so important to St Lucia they ensure that there is something to suit every palate.

St Lucia welcomes everyone and there are some great family resorts and child friendly hotels, and as we have seen, lots to see and do

However St Lucia is also one of the leading wedding and honeymoon destination_blogs. Getting married in St Lucia couldn’t be easier. You can apply for a licence just two days ahead of your big day, and uniquely(for a few dollars more) you can apply for one just two hours ahead!! It is not unheard of for engaged couples to arrive on a cruise ship and leave that same day, married! It is certainly a romantic idea!

For a honeymoon in the Caribbean, St Lucia is hard to beat. There are some stunning couples-only and adults-only resorts where you can find peace, romance and solitude.

But as much as it can indeed be romantic and serene St Lucia likes to party! Friday night is the night to be out and about. Many of the fishing villages, notably Anse la Raye and Gros Islet are ‘jammin’ at the Fish Fry!! All manner of fantastic fresh food is on offer, cooked on makeshift grills and barbecues, the rum is flowing, everyone is dancing, on sale, the villages come alive with a great fun atmosphere, fabulous music, and offer a real insight into St Lucian culture and the lives of the warm and friendly people.

So, this is just a glimpse of one of my favourite Caribbean destination_blogs. I’d love to tell you more, and find the right accommodation for you to enjoy your St Lucian experience from. Please call me on 023 80863663, it will be my pleasure to assist you.

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