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New York – The City that never sleeps!

This amazing city is full of culture, sights, shows, shops and buildings that will amaze you with their sheer size.

New York is one of the food capitals of the world from 5 star cuisine to street food, there is something for everyone and for the “foodies” out there it is definitely not a place to miss!

There are a lot of myths surrounding New York of which areas to avoid and I have some hints and tips to help your trip be enjoyable without having to worry about where you are:

1. Don’t be afraid to wander.  New York is the safest big City in the US.  Gone are the days when people are told not to venture to Alphabet City or the Lower East Side.  Pretty much nowhere in Manhattan is off limits but it is still an urban area so you have to use your common sense.

2. Take the subway through New York.  The trains are well marked and quite fast so would be a lot quicker than getting a cab if you’re travelling across the City.  Buy a 7 day unlimited metro card which will save you $2 each time you get on a train.

3.  Cheapest time to travel to New York is in February and March (excluding Valentines)

4. Before you travel to New York, purchase a NYC1 pass in the UK.  This will give you free entrance to over 80 attractions and gives you fast track entry to the Cities busiest attractions.

If you fancy visiting this amazing City, contact me and I will find you a city break that you’ll never forget!

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