Maldives with children-Top tips

Maldives with children-Top tips

You may think of romance when you think of the Indian Ocean, however many hotels in the Maldives have lots that your children can do.

FLIGHTS- there are direct flights from London for our winter months - so you can settle down on your flgiht with minimal dispurtion.

A cheaper way is using in direct flights - where you change plane on route you could maybe break your journey and have a twin centre holiday, or just change and move on.

Once you arrive into the Maldives you will have a 2nd journey, either by Sea plane ,speed boat or internal flight.

Speedboats depart from the jetty outside the airport – beats the usual airport exit looking for a taxi or bus hands down.

Seaplane flight the plane may stop at other islands on route to yours, so you could easily be looking at an hour with several touch downs.

You also have to be driven around to the seaplane terminal, about 5-10 minutes from the main airport, as well as any wait for the flight – the resorts all have their own air-conditioned lounges with WiFi and drinks, with staff to help with bags, tickets and all the practicalities, which makes it considerably easier. But it’s worth bearing in mind that after the long-haul flight, you could easily face another 90 minutes or more before you land at your destination – not to mention bumping up the costs (keep reading for budget tips)

If you’re taking a seaplane with younger kids, you might be given ear plugs but it can be worth packing ear defenders for babies and little ones as the planes are quite noisy. It’s also worth knowing that the seaplane schedule is as laid-back as the rest of the Maldives. You don’t find out the exact time of departure from your resort back to the airport until the night before.

What facilities are there?

Does the resort have a kids club, for example? Even if you don’t use it, it shows kids are catered for rather than tolerated. If you do want your kids to use it – or know that they’ll want to – do check the minimum age requirement. A lot are for age four upwards, although some will allow younger if potty trained.

The different activities will vary as well: along with arts and crafts, you can find fantastic marine conservation programmes where kids can even get involved in helping plant coral.

So what is your next step?

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