Heritage Awali - Day 4 Part 2 | Designer Travel

This evening we were invited to share an aperitif and hors d’oeuvres with Kathy at Le Telfair…which was a joy. It was great to learn more about the challenges of providing the very best of everything at all times, and to learn what we travel agents can do to help the that process. Le Telfair is beautifully lit and is even more spectacular at night. The musicians provide low-key entertainment, adding to the elegant and yet relaxed atmosphere of the main bar area. (I confess to enjoying a bit of people watching too…)

Back to the Awali for our much anticipated evening meal at Zafarani. Those of you who know Clive and I will appreciate how much we enjoy the occasional Indian meal!..and how we will inevitably compare everything to the dear old Bengal Brasserie!…Well we have to say, in truth there is absolutely no comparison!…this Indian food was like nothing we have ever tasted before…. Again, flavour layered onto flavours, cooked to suit all palates…Totally exquisite! Apparently there is a relatively new Indian chef in residence…and he is just ‘knocking it out of the park!’..Zafarani is a small, intimate restaurant, with subtle lighting…hence the outside photo… We have managed to get another booking for Friday, and we are already anticipating the treats that await us! Yet another wow for the Awali!

We ate late, so spent very little time in the bar afterwards, but we were there long enough to hear a very talented group of musicians doing their thing. There is varied live music most nights, providing a great atmosphere, but not such as to be intrusive or give one a headache!…the well crafted cocktails and generous drinks measures (all included) can do that instead!…I jest!…

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