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It has been said that no other place in Greece can boast beaches like those in Halkidiki, but this place has so much more to offer.

The religious traditions, the hospitality, local gastronomy and the wide range of activities make this part of Greece simply irresistible.

Whilst the West coast boasts crystal clear waters and sandy beaches the picturesque villages also offer a lively night life. The East coast is blessed with amazing natural scenery that combines clear blue waters with local history, it is a place that brings together a legendary past and a lively present.

Halkidiki is a great place for those who would like to see and experience more of the Greek traditions. It is very easy to drive around with plenty of little villages to stop and explore. Take a boat trip to the Mount Athos peninsular and get as close as you can to its famous historical monasteries.

Families, couples and young people alike will have no difficulty in finding something to suit their needs in this wonderful part of Greece. There is a wide range of accommodation available from 5 star family properties to boutique honeymoon hotels.

Halkidiki is a great place to have your wedding. It has large number of historical churches and chapels offering amazing views. A number of resort hotels also have their own private chapels offering private wedding ceremonies.

Greece is known for its wonderful salads but,  did you know Halkidiki is motherland to bee keeping and produces  over 1.910 tons of high quality honey annually?  Most hotels offer this  wonderful   food on their breakfast menu with fresh Greek yoghurt teamed up with fresh fruit making delicious breakfast to start off your day.

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