Emirates A380 Premium Economy

Emirates A380 Premium Economy

Flying to Dubai last September gave a lot of our team the chance to experience the new Emirates Premium Economy, on the A380 aircraft. To say they were blown away was an understatement. With wider seats than any other airlines Premium Economy offering, amazing comfort really is at the heart of long haul flying when you take this option. With a raised cushioned leg rest, an adjustable headrest and a deeper recline on the seat, these seats are perfect for a touch more luxury without breaking the bank.

We loved the mood lighting system in the cabin, where you can stretch out and enjoy twinkling stars over your head from your very own seat, perfect when you have a warm drink in hand to help you get some quality sleep time. Another benefit of the Premium Economy offering is that the seats are allocated towards the front of the aircraft, so no need to worry about the exhaustive security queue that can be waiting for you upon your return to the UK, you‘re one of the first off the plane.

What about the food? how good is it? and of course the drinks menu. Well we were pleasantly surprised by the upgrade to the already brilliant economy menu. You have the opportunity to taste local flavours with a choice of dishes from regional monthly menus and also international choices.. With drinks you can choose from a wider range of beverages from an extended list, including a Chandon sparkling wine, extra vintages from our Business Class list, as well as chocolates and liqueurs. or you may just opt for a good old fashioned beer like we did.

When it comes to entertainment on a longer flight, we always think it‘s important that you have a great choice to choose from. With Emirates Premium Economy the choice is utterly brilliant, and with a decent sized 13 inch high definition interactive TV to watch it from, you really can sit back, relax and enjoy. The Emirates 'ice' entertainment system means you get a choice from thousands of movies and TV shows, great music, games and even the pilot camera system to watch your global travel live. Great fun for take off and landing!

So for comfort and we mean comfort, without the price tag of a business class upgrade, we'd definitely recommend upgrading your experience when flying Emirates to their fabulous Premium Economy seats.

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