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In stark contrast to the historic and religious sites which are synonymous with Israel, Eilat, on the northern tip of the Red Sea is a vibrant modern resort, offering wall to wall sunshine, (on average 360 days a year) soaring summer temperatures, (often in the 40’s) great winter temperatures (generally in the 20’s) beaches, loads of watersports, a coral reef, some interesting excursions, a good nightlife and a desert landscape – what more could you want!…

Eilat is situated at the foot of the Edom Mountains which provide a stunning backdrop to this great resort, perfect for being as lazy or as busy as you choose. The beaches are clean and sandy, the sea is warm and safe. The ambience is relaxed.

For ‘water-babes’ there are seemingly endless choices of watersports including water skiing, kayaking, sailing. Glass bottom boats and mini-sub trips allow access to the wonderful world under the sea to non-divers and snorkelers. Although sadly the coral reefs have been reducing over the years Eilat is still a great place for diving and snorkeling, with plenty of species of sea creatures and fish to discover and enjoy.

Away from the main beach there are many attractions offering opportunities to discover more about this unusual environment, these include –

Coral Beach Nature Reserve – With a reef which runs parallel to the beach for about 1,200 meters, this is one the most densely populated coral reefs in the world. There are over a hundred types of coral and over 600 species of fish at the reserve, making it well worth a visit.

Underwater Marine Observatory Centre – still on the subject of water and what lies beneath, here is an opportunity to discover marine life without getting wet! Deep below the surface of the sea, and reached by stairs, is an observation ‘room’ from which you can watch the amazingly, and brilliantly coloured diverse varieties of fish and sea creatures. Back on land there are various aquariums to enjoy, housing sharks, sea turtles, rays and catfish. There is lots to learn and lots to see, and various traveller ratings declare the Centre a good place to be.

Dolphin Reef – inevitably one of the most popular attractions, this is special place for dolphins! A group of bottlenose dolphins carry on their normal routine whilst the visitors observe, swim, snorkel or dive alongside them. This place is all about letting the dolphins approach humans, not the other way around. It is probably best to book your interactive session to avoid disappointment. There are also some rather special relaxation pools at Dolphin Reef, where one can float around, listening to underwater music and enjoy a multi-sensory experience. Again booking is advisable in peak times. Dolphin Reef also offers a good beach bar and restaurant when you need a time of refreshment.

Red Canyon – its about 15 kms from Eilat, and is named after the beautiful red sandstone from which is formed, although purple and white sandstone intermingles to great effect. Its only about 300 meters long, and offers a pleasant adventure trail and walk for all the family, along a narrow winding path, the round trip taking about 75 minutes. However its best not done in the heat of the midday sun!

Timna National Park – travelling about 25 kms north of Eilat, red changes to yellow and you’ll find yourself surrounded by some amazing rock formations of yellow sandstone. This is a massive place, spread over more than 60 square kilometers, and it was here that copper mining was established over 6,000 years ago. You could be forgiven for thinking that Solomon’s Pillars which you will find here, were carved by a master stonemason, but in fact they are the awesome result of time passing and its impact on natural elements, as is the case with the ‘Mushroom’ a huge rock shaped over time by the wind and water. Other must-sees are the life size replica of the Biblical Tabernacle and the amazing rock carvings and hieroglyphics, which date back to the days of King Ramses III in the early 12th century.

Bird watching – Every year bird watchers come from all over the world to experience bird migration through this area. Unbelievably it is estimated that between 500,000,000 and a billion birds, of over 230 species, come through during Spring (when they are easier to see) and Autumn. There is a special Bird Watching Centre, organising tours and providing valuable information…a real Birders paradise!

Camels – if you don’t fancy birds, how about a Camel? Daily tours of varying lengths, and suitable for all ages leave from Eilat’s Camel Ranch, and trundle off into the desert. Always included is the opportunity to experience something of the Bedouin way of life and sample a Bedouin snack! If time allows do try to take in the 4 hour (1/2 day tour), because riding home from the desert lit by starlight is truly magical!

And then of course there is staying, shopping and eating!…Eilat offers a sumptuous choice of food at prices to suit all pockets and attractive shops and retail centres are in abundance, just as you would expect in any modern city. Regarding places to stay, again there is something for everyone, from a Kibbutz, through guest houses to 5* hotels, Eilat has them all.

So these are just some of the delights that Eilat has waiting for you. Whether combined with a trip to discover some of Israel’s Biblical heritage, or just as a resort holiday in itself, Eilat is a resort worthy of serious consideration and offers memorable and unique experiences for all the family.

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