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I’ve recently returned from my first visit to the wonderful Caribbean island of Barbados, and cannot wait to go back to explore more of this fascinating paradise! The most eastern of the West Indies chain, Barbados measures 21 miles long by 14 miles at its widest point, is easy to get around and is crammed with so many must-see’s and must-do’s, its hard to know where to start! It is an island of diversity and contrasts in all things

Barbados has over 60 beautiful beaches along its coasts…panoramic, with spectacular waves in the north, surfing paradise in the wind blown east, and the flawless beaches in the south, protected by the coral reefs. and the west, with its calm gentle waters where you will find an abundance of water sports and boat trips…you can even swim with the amazing giant turtles…or do absolutely nothing at all!

Away from the beaches, Bridgetown, Barbados’ capital is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, steeped in history, and a hive of activity, whilst in the middle of the island is Harrison’s Cave, a phenomenal crystallized limestone cavern, well worth a visit!

Barbados airport houses one of the remaining, now redundant Concordes, at the Concorde Experience, Never having flown on it, it was great fun to finally be on board exploring, a uniqwue experience.  I must also mention the Mount Gay Rum Tour, whose tag-line is ‘a spirit shared everywhere’ and should definitely not be missed!

Barbados blends many people, styles and architecture together – throughout the Island wooden chattel houses sit comfortably among the ornate Victorian homes and grand plantation houses…which I found fascinating and endearing, and the people too seem not to mind if their neighbour is more affluent than them…

The Bajan people are welcoming and friendly. They enjoy their wonderful climate and Island to the full. They love festivals, music and celebrating their culture! The highlight of their calendar is Crop Over. Dating back to the days when Barbados was the world’s leading sugar producer, it is a celebration of thanks for a successful harvest. It starts in May and finishes in August!…and if you visit Barbados during that time you are bound to experience some of its magic! .

There is much to do at night too…St Lawrence Gap, in the south, is home to the majority of clubs and bars, although there is nightlife to be enjoyed throughout the island…

And then, just down the road a bi,t there is the Friday night ritual of Oistins Fish Fry, which attracts locals and tourists from all over the island. Fantastic food, and great music combine with art and craft stalls and street vendors to offer an amazing and unique experience!. ..

Barbados has something for everyone. Tourist accommodation is plentiful and covers all budgets, offering everything from a little self catering studio to the elegant opulence of some of the most luxurious hotels in the Caribbean. Flights depart daily from many major airports. in the UK.

Maybe i’ll see you there?…..




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