Shirley McManus, Author at Designer Travel

About Me

I am excited to join this team of amazing people , I have 26 years experience in the travel industry and the last 22 years you will remember me from Thomas Cook Carlisle .

My most recent holidays have been spent exploring various Greek islands such as Kefalonia,Crete,Corfu,Kos,Rhodes and Skiathos where we had enormous fun this year when hiring our own jeep and exploring off road .

My favourite of all is Orlando from the Magic of Disney,the thrills of Universal,the experience of their way of life and not forgetting the Dolphin swim at Discovery Cove all this while staying in a beautiful Villa .

My Children have been on holiday with us  since they were babies,they are now 15&12,we have experienced all types of holidays together as a family whether it be a caravan in Scotland,All Inclusive in Europe,Self-Catering in Greece, Zip Sliding in Dominican Republic . In my earlier years in travel I was also given the chance to experience a tour in Sri Lanka and ski in Canada (which i was useless at) two amazing countries and not forgetting our fabulous honeymoon in the Bahamas.


I look forward to making dreams come true for you too

shirley x


p.s. find me on face book designer travel by shirley where i will regularly update with lots of offers