World Cruise Sector for 34 nights on-board Balmoral from Singapore to Southampton visiting several ports in Malaysia, Thailand. Indian Ocean, Oman, Egypt, Sicily and Spain 

Hi Simon

Thank you so much for all you did to make my holiday a success. It went really well and I much enjoyed it. My cabin was very comfortable with a nice big window so thank you for your efforts with the problem of cabin allocation. My stewardess was very helpful. The food was amazing, much the best I have had on any cruise, including the six star ones. The chef was an Australian, as were the three women with whom I shared a table. Fred Olsen have a policy of supporting young graduate musicians and they were great. We also had some very good speakers. The tours were well organised and went to interesting places, but you could also mosey off and do your own thing.

All in all I enjoyed myself very much. I got to know lots of the staff (mostly in the bars!!) and found good corners to sit and read, mostly on the top deck which was delightful. Fred Olsen have definitely got the cruise business taped, they provided plenty to do on sea days to keep passengers amused and looked after us well. Some of the decor is old fashioned and a bit shabby.

Most of the guides were very good, and we had an Egyptologist to the Pyramids and in Oman. The only trouble I had was with the camel drivers in Egypt who snatched money out of my hand and ran away with it!

So thanks again for your efforts on my behalf, and I’m sorry this message is a bit late coming. Thank you too for the welcome home card, much appreciated.

With kind regards,


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Photo: Pyramids at Giza (SG) – 47

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